Body Sugar Scubs - The Benefits & How To Properly Use It

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The Benefits of Sugar Scubs and How to Use it

Your skin deserves the best

As you already know, skin is the biggest organ that any human has. With that being said, if you do not nurture your skin properly, you might end up looking older than you really are. Exfoliation is the best way to keep your skin in tight, right next to moisturizing it on a daily basis.

There are many different exfoliants available on the market today, but, our personal favorite is sugar body scrubs, and you are about to see all of the benefits of sugar body scrub and its usage.

What are the benefits of using sugar body scrubs?

It is pretty clear that sugar body scrubs contain sugar which is a great and gentle exfoliant. Sugar is, in general, known as one of the best, and cheapest sources of AHA, also known as glycolic acid which helps to make your skin smooth.

The general purpose o f sugar body scrubs is exfoliating. In other words, whenever you use your sugar body scrub, all of the dead skin layers will be removed so that the new skin cells have enough space to breathe. How many times has it happened to you that your skin starts flaking out of nowhere? We know how much that sucks and how that can be annoying, and just regular water and shower gel won’t remove it in whole. That’s why everyone should start using sugar body scrubs in their daily skin routine.

Not only will your new skin cells be able to breathe freely, but the rehydration of your skin will also be encouraged, and you will be glowing!

What types of sugar body scrubs are available for purchase

For starters, you should know that there are two types of body scrubs: salt and sugary ones. We prefer sugar ones since sugar is generally considered as a less damaging one that will not cause any kind of skin irritation, instead, it will act as a gentle exfoliant. On the other hand, salt body scrubs are a bit rougher on the skin.

You will for sure be able to find both sugar and salt body scrubs combined into one product, but, our friendly advice is to stick only to one.

There is no doubt that there are many different brands out there that are producing sugary body scrubs, but, our sugar scrubs are the best! Besides being affordable, our body scrubs are gentle, moisturizingand packed in awesome and reusable packaging.

Our sugar body scrubs that contain only pure and natural ingredients, and we know how nowadays that is very important, especially if you don't enjoy using products with unknown chemicals. Our body scrubs have an anti-aging effect that can be used anywhere on the body. We mix brown sugar, honey, coconut milk extract, shea butter, and mango butter which are known to be the best exfoliants as well as moisturizers- a double threat!

Why go to a spa when you can bring the spa to you!  Topped off with amazing natural scents. The coconut, lavender, and jasmine smells are known to be natural calming ingredients, just envision walking around with nothing but calming scents, sounds pretty awesome right?

How to best apply sugar body scrubs

To apply your sugar body scrub, you will first need to go into the shower  or just wet hands or feet and let your skin become soft and wet so that it could better absorb the scrub. You can soak up for a while, then turn off the water and gently apply the scrub all over your body  or hands/feet by rubbing it in circular motions. Try not to press hard while doing so, and basically concentrate on relaxing a bit, this can, after all, become one of your regular at-home spa treatments.

You can even play some nice music to really create that spa like experience.

What’s important is that you should be rubbing the scrub for a couple of minutes just so that you could allow the sugar to melt and therefore do its own job. While you are doing that, you might notice that some of your skin is gently flaking and noticeably softer which is a good sign.

After the few minutes , turn on your water again and rinse all of the sugar body scrubs away from your skin, make sure to do it thoroughly.

And last and our final step is to not forget to moisturize. Yes, sugar body scrubs incentive hydration, but your skill will always need to be moisturized, especially during colder seasons. Applying our citrus moisturizer or ultra soothing body butters, it'll  leave your skin even softer and will encourage your skin to remain that way.

It is best to use exfoliating body scrubs at least two or three times a week, try not to use them more than that, or else you won’t give your skin enough time to regenerate, which might cause irritation or redness.

It does not matter which skin type you may have, exfoliating sugar body scrubs are a necessity if your goal is to have healthy, smooth-looking, and soft skin. By setting your skincare routine and sticking to it, to avoid break out or dry skin.

Best sure to check out our all natural sugar scrubs, which comes in 3 awesome scents! and amazing unicorn, coconut waters and magnolia blossom body butters.



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